Katy Lund Chief Programming Officer Agape Behavioral

Katy Lund

Chief Programming Officer

In the year of 2010, Katy started her own personal recovery journey and has remained sober ever since. It was during that time that Katy discovered her dream of helping other fellow addicts and alcoholics. Katy started working in the field as an Office Manager in 2012. While being an office manager, it was placed on her heart to open up a womens sober living facility. Since then she has excelled in the recovery industry. Katy has grown at Agape from being a Business Development Representative to the Director of Human Resources, and now the Program Director. Katy Lund plays a huge role at Agape and commits herself to leading a healthy lifestyle in order for Agape to have the same. Her heart and soul are always in the right place, she cares for others the same she cares for herself which is why she is continuously successful.

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