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Agape Behavioral Healthcare is committed to providing the highest quality mental health services and support, where connection, empathy, and understanding come first. We are honored to be able to provide this care. Creating press and media allows us to spread our mission to anyone touched by mental and substance abuse disorders.

Our mission is to equip our clients with what they need to achieve optimal balance. We provide proactive strategies, support, and resilience – all combined in a safe and nurturing environment. With our special brand of agape (love-based) care that places value on each person we serve, we strive for excellence as we help individuals reach their highest potential and live life fully. We provide multiple levels of care to meet everyone where they are at. We create individualized care to provide  a pathway that paves the road to healing.

Our hope is to increase national access to behavioral healthcare so everyone has the ability to improve their well-being. Together, we create a loving atmosphere by practicing universal acceptance.


Recent Press & News Updates

We are proud to be included in conversations about treatment planning, addiction recovery and prevention. Here, you can find press releases, current media articles, interviews with our staff, research profiles on our centers, and much more. Whether you’re a reporter looking for a scoop or just want to stay informed about what’s new at Agape Behavioral Healthcare, we invite you to explore our Agape Behavioral Healthcare Press and Media page. Stay up to date with our recovery-based news by reading our blog.

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