George Mavrookas

George Mavrookas

CEO / Founder

George Mavrookas has a deep understanding of business development, executive oversight, personnel development, human resources development, project management, marketing, and customer service. Making him an invaluable part of the Agape Treatment Center, Agape Detox Center, and Agape Behavioral Center.

As a seasoned business leader, George is able to inspire excellence in multiple areas of life and business. Having revitalized multiple businesses for over 15 years, he’s become a highly regarded entrepreneur in hospitality, real estate, and marketing. In addition to his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance, George has a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Lynn University.

He has proven to care deeply about each client and has shown genuine human interest in each and every client. George works hard to transform the expectations of a Behavioral Health Organization and has done a magnificent job so far. George draws on his knowledge and experience to inspire others. He has made teaching an essential part of his work. George Mavrookas has developed a passion for making a real impact in others’ lives. This has enabled him to become an important part of the community. A leader in the community, George is passionate about serving others and helping them achieve success.

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